What makes Acacia Park different from other cemeteries?

Acacia Park was established by the Masons in the 1920s as a Memorial Park Cemetery. This means that the markers are marked with flat bronze markers that are flush with the ground. One of the Masons founding beliefs was that, upon death, all are equal. In other words, you are not rich or poor. Thus, they didn’t want the size of one’s burial marker to determine how the cemetery looks. So, there are no upright monuments in the cemetery and the focus becomes the natural environment. All the sections are named after a different type of tree Oak, Beech, Cedar, Ash, Poplar, Willow, etc.

Who owns Acacia Park Cemetery?

Acacia is a non denominational, non-profit association. This means that the cemetery is governed by a Board of Directors, but there is no single owner. Every person who buys a grave in the cemetery essentially becomes a part-owner. The cemetery was founded by the Masonic organization, but became open to all in the early 1970s. Today the cemetery is open to all faiths, races, and ethnic backgrounds.

Who can I talk to about my questions and concerns?

Any of the office staff members are highly trained to assist you in making the proper selection from the many burial options that are available to you, and to answer all of your questions. Please contact us with any questions. Our Pre-Planning page may also be helpful for more information.

What kind of decorations can I leave at the grave?

We ask that only fresh flowers be placed during the spring, summer and fall months. We understand that on special occasions, a family may bring a plant or different decoration, which we will leave for a brief time, then remove. During the winter months, many families will bring wreaths to mark the grave.

Who do I talk to about genealogy?

You are welcome to call the office or stop by and we will help you check our records and files to find as much information as possible.

What if I make cemetery purchases and move out of the area?

If you permanently move out of the St. Paul and Minneapolis area, you have three options:

  1. Sell your graves to another buyer, and pay the 20% to the Permanent Care Trust Fund
  2. Donate the graves back to Acacia Park
  3. Inquire at the cemetery office to see if the cemetery is interested in buying the graves back. We will pay back what was paid for the graves, less the office expenses and less the 20% for Permanent Care Trust Fund.

What are cemetery costs?

Costs vary by product and choice of burial option, but generally include the cost of the grave or niche space, the interment (burial) fee and some type of marker for your loved one. Please refer to our Price List for additional information.

What assurances do I have that the cemetery will be kept up even after it is full and generates no more revenue?

By MN state law, 20% of the cost of each grave or niche sale goes into a Permanent Care Trust Fund which insures that your cemetery will be maintained.

Do I have to pay for cemetery property in full now?

No. Acacia Park Cemetery offers convenient payment plans designed to fit your means, some with no interest. You can choose to pay in full, or spread your payments out in monthly payments of up to 3 years. This payment plan applies to pre-need purchases only. Major credit cards are also accepted.

What does a funeral cost?

The total cost of a funeral can vary greatly by the merchandise and services you select. We will review all the cemetery options with you. We can work with you to tailor the cemetery options to fit your budget.

Can I select any funeral home if I pre-plan?

Yes. You are free to choose any funeral home you want to work with. All funeral homes provide either full-size casket services as well as cremation services. We can help make arrangements for you to get that information, if you desire.

Does Acacia actually perform the cremation or do we have to contact a funeral home?

Acacia does not have a crematory, however any funeral home can arrange the cremation service for you.

Funeral costs are sure to increase. How do I know I will be able to pay for my funeral with what I pay today?

Some funeral homes will guarantee the prices they quote you today. If not, the interest on your insurance policy should cover inflation. Acacia allows you to pre-purchase your grave, burial vault and marker in advance of your need. By purchasing your grave, marker and vault today, you are guaranteeing your costs today. We will explain this to you in detail.

Please contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.