Burial Options

For Full Size Burial in a Casket:

  • Graves: Choose any grave throughout the cemetery for the most common side-by-side burial. This requires the purchase of a burial vault.
  • Lawn Crypt – double deep burial – i.e. two full size burials in one normal size grave. Only available in one section of the cemetery. These graves come with the pre-installed double deep burial vault.

For Cremation Burial:

  • Cremorials: This option includes a specially designed marker, which has the space for the cremated remains directly within the marker. This burial option requires no urn and the interment must occur in specific sections of the cemetery.
  • Earth Burial: Cremation burial in a grave space in any section in the cemetery. This option requires that the cremains be in some form of receptacle.
  • Niche Spaces: This option is the placement of the cremated remains in a space in an upright granite columbarium. Both single and double niches are available. A marker is placed on the front of the niche space after the cremains are placed n the niche space.
  • Acacia Park DOES NOT allow scattering of ashes in the cemetery.